Yukon Solitaire: Main Rules and Important Tips

Yukon Solitaire is one of the most entertaining card games to-date. It's a fun variation of the original game called Klondike. So, if you're on the hunt for a classic Solitaire with an added challenge, this one could definitely be on your radar! Get more information and relevant tips through the details below.

What's the History of the Game?

The first variant of Yukon Solitaire can be traced back to its origin country, which is Canada. This is where one can find the Yukon Territory. But, generally speaking, this game was developed on the basics of Klondike, standard game that is often synonymous to Solitaire, with some amusing twists. Thus, once you master the specifics of the older version, Yukon will become simpler.

Basics of Yukon Solitaire

Just like most Solitaire games, Yukon requires its player to have a deck of 52 cards. The main objective is to transfer all cards from the tableau to the four foundation piles. But unlike the classic Solitaire, this one does not have a stock. Instead, the face-down cards are all put on the tableau as well.

The foundations area is divided according to suits namely the diamonds, clubs, spades, and hearts. Moreover, the cards should also be arranged by rank in the ascending order, starting from Aces and completing the piles with Kings. To better understand the game, these are the pivotal guidelines that you have to follow through.

What Are the Core Rules to Master?

1. Learn how to create the layout right if you are playing with physical cards

Let's start with the basics. Yukon Solitaire revolves around the tableau and the foundation piles. The tableau, in particular, is where you prepare and move the cards before transferring them to the foundations, it contains 7 columns. The rightmost comes with 11 cards, 6 of which are facing down and 5 are facing up. The next column to the left will now have 10 cards, with only 5 of them opened. Then, it will be 9 cards in the next one, and so on and so forth but the leftmost column has only one card.

Notice, that on the contrary to the final piles, the sequences in the tableau should be built in the descending order.

2. Follow the right order and color

Whether you are moving cards within the tableau, you must follow the right order. First, you need to consider the rank of the card. Players are only allowed to transfer cards to the ones that are one rank higher. Then, pay attention to the colors since they should alternate. For example, a black 7 can be transferred to a red 8 of any suit.

3. Maximize the cards as wells as the piles during the transfer process

The most unique attribute of Yukon is that if you want to transfer a part of the sequence, it doesn't matter if its order is mixed up. You can still move several cards, given that the top one has a different color and a rank below the card you are moving it to. For instance, a sequence you want to transfer has red 8 on the top, black 4, and black 3. You can transfer all of them in another column as long as it has a black 9 as a bottom card.

4. Move the King card to the empty pile

The only card that can be transferred to an empty pile is a King. With this card in the beginning, a player can easily arrange and accomplish a card suit in sequence. And when all the cards are in the proper order, from King to Ace, the completed set will now be moved to the foundation pile. Thus, be attentive with Kings and transfer them as soon as possible.

5. Grab the chance to transfer a card from the foundation back to the tableau

Always check if the website or app you are using to play Yukon has this great feature, allowing you to move the top card from the foundation pile back to the tableau. Sometimes, such a decision can help you win faster or at least will save you several moves. This, however, should be used properly, so it won't mess up your next transferrings.

6. Make sure to prioritize the face-down cards

To unlock all the possibilities, it's best that you flip an unopened card first. This way, you will have an idea of the cards that you can transfer later and build certain strategies. Also, it will help you minimize wrong moves. So, always choose the move that will make some new cards face-up. To reveal a face-down card, you have to clear all the already opened cards and in some cases, also click on it.

7. Take advantage of the undo button

The undo button is one more unique feature that provides players with an option to overturn the previous move. Sometimes, these clicks are limited, so be careful when using such an opportunity. But there's a catch, each undo is counted as a new move. Therefore, you should only use this option if highly needed.

8. Keep an eye on your moves and time

Though your main objective is to finish the game, you can also challenge yourself by completing it faster with lesser moves. To do such, you have to calculate each move deliberately so you can compete against your previous games. You can also check your skill improvement through the statistics.

How to Play Yukon Like a Pro?

Becoming a Yukon Solitaire master is not an overnight process. But of course, it is achievable with hard work and patience. Get a grip on the basic and specific rules listed above to help you complete the game easily. You can also use extra options such as a double-click on the card to automatically transfer it to the corresponding foundation. However, to become a pro, one should develop attentiveness, learn how to think strategically, improve decision-making abilities, and train to think fast.


Yukon Solitaire tests your mental proficiency. So, if you want something entertaining and thought-stimulating at the same time, this card game is worth the shot. Just remember that it takes strategy to win. But once you've grasped the fundamentals, it won't be long before you transform into an expert and even top the charts.