How to Play

All game modes are based on Klondike version of Solitaire, which has four different piles of cards: the stock, the waist, the foundation and the tableau.

The aim of the game is to build 4 foundations piles in ascending order starting with Ace by placing cards of the same suit from the tableau to the foundation piles. Top cards from the waist can be moved to the tableau in the descending order and opposite colors or placed to the foundation directly. You can move matching face-up cards on the tableau from one pile to another to flip the ones below. In case of the spare tableau pile you can place a face-up king there. If you flipped all the cards on the tableau, and the stock is empty, the game will naturally move all your cards to the foundations.

If you are playing in a single-player mode the stock pile is located in the upper right corner with the cards faces down, to the left is the waist pile. The waist cards appear after each flip either in 1 or 3 draws. The foundation pile is placed in the upper left corner and is empty at the beginning of the game. The tableau area contains 7 piles in the middle. In the top-center you can see game timing and your bets. On the left panel there is power-ups menu, where you can get help in exchange for gems, including free Ace, or card x-ray, or additional flips, or cards shuffle. You can also end the game or unlock one card by clicking a magic button. Both buttons located in the left bottom corner of the screen.

When you are playing in a multi-player game mode like "1 on 1" or in "Royal club" tournament in the top-left corner you will see your avatar, your game score and your foundation pile. The opponent avatar, score and foundations pile will be placed in the right-upper corner. In the top–center there will be the game bet and timing. 7 tableau piles are located in the middle of the screen, and the stock and the waste are placed on the right side. There are also magic and light buttons, which you can use to move most important card to the foundation pile and to get the hint respectively. To undo the move, simply click the arrow button next to the lamp. On the bottom menu you can see all the available powerups that can be purchased for one gem each. There is also a chat button in the right bottom corner, so you can socialize while playing. Menu button in the bottom left corner you will find Magic, Chat Packs, Settings, End Game options.

See the list of powerups:

  • Flip - Turned up deck.
  • Free Ace - Puts random ace and put it in the foundation.
  • Shuffle - Shuffles all facedown cards.
  • X-Ray - Allows you to show all facedown card in one column.
  • Pluck - Allows you to play any facedown card of your choice.
  • Magic - Moves the most necessary card onto the foundation. Magic can be bought in the shop.

See Features page to get more insights on game scoring and different game modes.