All You Wanted to Know about Tri Peaks: from Fundamentals to Tips

Being a mixture of two Solitaire card games, Tri Peak holds a rather high degree of difficulty. It's fast-paced like that version of Solitaire called Golf and is quite similar to the Pyramid when it comes to the form of the layout.

Because of its distinctive characteristics, Tri Peaks is such a fun entertainment option to try. To learn more about this game, continue reading and uncover its history, pertinent details, along with some relevant tips.

When It Started?

Created in 1989 by Robert Hogue, Tri Peaks has been in the gaming scene for several decades now. Its initial release showed that it is easily solvable and has one of the best percentages of winnable hands. The average score players usually gain is around 12 while those with better skills can get 17 points.

Just like other popular Solitaire games, Tri Peaks has been part of Windows Entertainment Pack 3. It was then added into the Microsoft Solitaire Collection. Years later, many variants of the classic Tri Peaks have been developed. But even with the new layouts, the basic gameplay is still pretty much the same. Let's learn more about it!

What Is the Setup?

Tri Peaks is played with a deck of 52 cards. They dealt in the tableau, with four rows that make a pattern of three overlapping peaks. Just like a pyramid, each of these peaks has one face-down card on the top level, two face-down cards on the second level, and three of them face-down on the third level. The last row has a total of 10 face-up cards, linking all three parts. Aside from it, there will be a stock loaded with face-down cards on the bottom. Also, there is an empty slot to be used for the waste cards from the tableau.

How Is the Game Played?

To play the game, you must first know its objective. Tri Peaks requires you to transfer all cards from the three peaks into the waste pile. Do take note that only open cards can be moved there. Open cards are those with no other cards blocking them. Therefore, all the 10 cards at the last level are considered as open initially. Once you clear the bottom row or even its part, you now unlock the other cards on the next level and so forth.

Revealing the top card from stock should be your first move to start the game. There, this is the time for catch ? you can only transfer an open card to the waste pile as long as it is one rank higher or one rank lower than the current waste card. Let's have an example to help you understand this idea better. If you put a number 5 to the waste pile, then the next possible card to be transferred is either number 6 or number 4.

If there are no possible open cards from the peak, you can make use of the stock of face-down cards to continue. Remember that you are only allowed to use the stock if you can't transfer any cards. In some Tri Peak games, they provide a wild card, which you can use if there are no more possible moves from the peak and from the stock.

Winning the Game

You win the match immediately once you transfer all cards from the three peaks to the waste pile, even in case there are still any cards left in stock. Furthermore, the game takes into account the moves you make and has a scoring system. Therefore, if you're challenging your skills, get a win with lesser moves!

Losing the Game

You lose if you can no longer move a card from the peaks and you no longer have remaining cards in the stock. But the good thing is, you are often given the opportunity to use the undo button! This can help you to figure out another way to transfer an open card.

What Makes Tri Peaks Unique?

Tri Peaks has some specific features that allow it to stand out from other card games and make it more engaging. For one, its setup is unlike other Solitaire games. Secondly, you can build a number of different strategies since there is a huge variety of available moves. This is because the suit if the cards you use to make matches doesn't matter.

The third fact is, Tri Peaks has quite a high winnable percentage. According to its developer, Robert Hogue, the game has a 90% probability of winning. Therefore, if you're looking for an online game that won't take too much of your mental effort and will still bring you the joy of victory in most cases, then this one can do its job. With these simple rules and a great chance of solving the puzzle, Tri Peaks can be played by anyone!

What Are Some Tips to Consider?

Just like any other Solitaire game, Tri Peaks may start as an entertaining activity. But soon enough, it will become more challenging as you want to beat your previous record. To do so, keep on practicing and try to learn different clues.

One vital thing is to have utmost concentration when playing so you release the best cards. And instead of recklessly putting cards to the waste pile, make sure that you plan your moves ahead. Consequently, you need to build a long sequence at the back of your mind. Also, it's important that you reveal the face-down cards as fast as you can so you will have an idea of the cards to be moved. And don't forget to strike a balance between moving face-up cards and revealing face-down ones. This way, you will be in a win-win situation and you'll accomplish the game faster.


Playing Tri Peaks is undeniably an amusing way to spend your leisure. It's a game that will keep you entertained and elated at the same time. So, get on with the basics and try this game now. Surely, winning at least one hand is more than enough to keep you busy!