Main Rules and Interesting Facts about the War Card Game

War card game offers you a special experience that might fuel your interest to play more online games. This one may appear simple but it can work over your patience ? just like a real war. So, it's time to know the basics of the game and earn the title of a War expert!

The History of the Game

Before we dig into specifications, let's start with the history. Although there's no definitive answer to when and where this card game actually started, its invention could take place centuries ago. It has different names, and while in Denmark it is called "Krig", which is the actual translation of "War" there are other options as well. For instance, in Germany, its variation is called "Tod und Leben", which means "life and death".

Main Rules of the Game

War is unlike other card games that mainly focus on logic or whatsoever. There are neither smart codes to unlock nor skills to master so as to ensure you win. Instead, it comes with easy rules and a dash of fun effects. Clearly, this is a straightforward card game that technically revolves around luck.

The rules are pretty simple. First and foremost, there should be two players who will battle it out to win the match. Since this game is more on luck, there's no need to study diligently. A few fundamental rules you need to know are as follows:

  • The game requires players to only have a standard deck of 52 cards. These will be divided equally, 26 cards for each person. In case you decide to play online, your counterpart will be a computer-generated player. Speaking further about the layout, as a start, all cards will be dealt in face-down piles in front of the players.
  • To kick off the game, both players deal with one card. The one with the card of a higher rank wins the first draw and acquires both cards that will be put on the side, creating a new stack. This new pile will then be utilized when the current stack of unopened cards will be used up.
  • The war begins when both players reveal a card of the same rank. To determine who wins, they should first put the face-up cards on the side. Then, they will pull 3 face-down cards from the stack and 1 face-up card. Whoever gets the higher one, wins the war! The winner will acquire all 10 cards (2 face-up cards from the initial draw along with the 6 face-down and 2 initial cards).
  • In case the players get the same cards again during the drawing of 1 face-up card, then the war continues. This means they will need to present another set of 3 face-down cards and 1 face-up card. Pretty easy, right?
  • The game is finished once any of the players runs out of cards. Still, there are variations in the rules when it comes to the situation when one of players doesn't have enough cards to continue the war. Sometimes, the player is allowed to use their last card on deck as their face-up. But, according to basic rules, if you no longer have any cards, then it's clear that you lose the game.

Still, there is no need to worry about failing because you can try and try until the odds are in your favor! Remember that winning this game is not about skills because you don't know what cards will be revealed during the game. Everything depends on your stack.

Interesting Facts about the War Card Game

It's a great entertainment option

War is definitely a fun game to pass leisure time. Unlike other mind-provoking games, this one lets you relax while also giving your senses a nice amount of thrill. Technically speaking, you won't have to exercise your brain while playing. Instead, you only have to be focused on your stack and wait for the revelation of cards.

It's a game of luck

Since you have no idea of the order of the cards in your pile, your chances of winning are equivalent to your opponent. So, any strategies aren't needed, you just have to go with the flow and enjoy the process! Clearly, the last person standing wins the match. But note that the game might last for long.

It's suitable for youngsters

Because of its easy guidelines, this card game is highly popular among young adults and even kids! There are no tough strategies to consider, and literally everyone can master the rules. One can winning even on your first attempt, and since the game is absolutely simple and very engaging, the number of tries you can make before getting tired or bored is definitely huge.

It comes with different variations!

Yep, War has a lot of variants. One of the popular versions is Casino War, which is played for money. Another alternative is the Prisoner of War and is often played by more than 2 players. This game has pretty the same characteristics as the classic War game but with added features. Its uniqueness is that a player that wins the war, can take one card as a prisoner and choose to use it instead of one from stack. Still, remember that the decision can only be made blindly. Comparing the prisoner with the available card from stack is not allowed.

It values the ace cards

Unlike many other games, here aces are considered as the cards with the highest value. So, if your competitor has drawn an ace and you've got a suit, well, it simply means you're out of luck. Compared to suits, aces give you the opportunity to win the round.


War is certainly an easy game with repetitive moves that you can play with a friend whenever you want to. And with the online War card game, this gives you the chance to play on your own. So, if you want something unconventional and different from the normal card games, this one can be a force to reckon with. Surely, War is a perfect entertainment option for those who just want to have fun.