Learn More about Addiction Solitaire and Winning Tips

Addiction is a unique variant of classic Solitaire that you shouldn't miss out on. This interesting game comes with special rules that make it more fun and engaging. To know more about this Solitaire variation, here's a list of all the important information you need to know beforehand.

When It All Started?

Addiction is one of the many Solitaire card games. It is such a nice entertainment option for those who want to have fun while polishing their mental prowess as it requires extra attentiveness and the abilities in strategic thinking. And from the name itself, it can be highly addicting. Although most Solitaire versions have been created after shifting this game to digital, this one takes place among classic options known for centuries since its layout is simple as well as the rules, and it is a great way to kill some time.

What Are the Specifications of This Game?

As you've read all the way here, it means you're interested in this particular game. So, what is Addiction Solitaire all about? First, it has something in common with standard versions such as Klondike because here players are also required to meet a specific order when moving cards. However, this game comes with unique characteristics too, which makes it more appealing to the crowd.

Second, let's have the basics of creating the layout onboard. This game requires a standard 52-card deck. A player will have to remove all aces after making four 13-slot rows, which means there will be four empty slots in different places in the tableau. Therefore, 48 cards will only be in play. Each slot can hold a single card when playing.

Main Objective of the Game

Are you ready to master this fascinating card game? Then you need to know that the final goal you need to achieve is to move all the 48 cards to their correct destination and thus complete four sequences by suit and in the ascending order from left to right. This means the leftmost column will carry the deuces, then the next column holds threes, and so forth. Each row must have all the 12 cards of a single suit. There are no restrictions as to what row holds the suit as long as the cards are well-ordered. Consequently, once the cards are in their right positions, only the rightmost slot is left empty.

What Are the Rules to Follow?

Aside from the basic guidelines, there are more specified rules to take into account to make your gaming experience much easier. So, here are some allowable moves when playing Addiction Solitaire.

You can move a card to a valid, empty slot

In general, the card can be transferred in any of the empty slots only - as long as it is of the same suit and the card in the left side of the empty slot is a rank lower. For instance, we have four diamonds. This card can be moved to an empty slot if the card on its left is a three of diamonds. Another example is you can place a queen of hearts if the left side is a jack of hearts. This might be very challenging at first try but once you've mastered this rule, everything will fall in place accordingly.

You can place the two's of a suit to the leftmost rows only

As mentioned earlier, all two's of a suit - diamonds, spades, hearts, and clubs - should be positioned on the leftmost portion of the four rows. Therefore, build proper strategies to ensure these slots will get empty to transfer the deuces there. The earlier you do this, the easier it will be to win.

You can take advantage of the shuffle option

To add more convenience, you can shuffle the cards on the board up to three times in a single Addiction game. When referring to this option, remember that the cards not in their correct location will be transferred to a random slot on the table. On contrary, those cards that are already in the right place will not be moved. Because of this, you actually won't lose your game progress. Instead, you will be in a better position as you will only focus on the shuffled cards with incorrect slots.

Tips to Know About

Although the game seems challenging, there are some tips that will make it simpler:

  • When building sequences, choose the deuce of the most suitable suit to be placed to the leftmost slot.
  • Check all the possible moves before shuffling if you don't want any good options to be lost.
  • So as not to get stuck, try to transfer the Kings to the rightmost column as soon as possible. Therefore, you won't have unavailable slot on the right of them.

What Makes This Game Unique

Addiction Solitaire is a game that validates your expertise in creating the right strategies and enhances some soft skills. It is not only about moving the cards to their appropriate positions. It is also about the ability to see the situation on the whole, predict different results of the decisions you make, and the readiness to risk by changing the layout when shuffling the cards.

And what makes it more fascinating is that the time is ticking while you're busy playing, so you prevent yourself from having boring leisure. More so, each move is counted, adding more pressure to the entire gaming experience as well as more engagement. And of course, considering the list of basic guidelines and specific rules above, this one is definitely unlike other Solitaire games online, so it will challenge your brain due to unusual features and objectives.


Playing the Addiction is quite stimulating as it's relatively different from the classic Solitaire variations, except for the number of cards used. Even so, this game has a lot to offer, especially for those eyeing for an extra challenge or seeking for a calm and meditative state of mind. So, if you want something that is entertaining and gripping at the same time, this Solitaire variant should be on your must-try list.