We carefully thought of what would be the best game features to include in Solitaire Masters, so you can enjoy ultimate gaming experience. See the exciting Solitaire Masters traits you will find inside.

At the Start

  • Connect via Facebook or Google+ (for Android platfrom);
  • Connect as a Guest or Play Offline.

Bonuses and Goodies

So you have started playing, let's see what is out there!

  • At the start you get free chips, gems and magic;
  • You also get some free chips every hour of the game (Facebook connection required);
  • You can send and receive gifts when signed in with Facebook;
  • Regular Promos with 2x chips, 2x gems and 2x chips and gems;
  • Get Starter Pack offering with 80% overall savings;
  • Save up to 80% for chips, gems or magic purchases in shop.

Weekly Competition

This is a great feature, which allows you to win lots of chips and gems in weekly tournaments while playing with others. We have designed 4 different leagues:

  • My League;
  • Friends' League;
  • Country League;
  • World league.

Within each league you can compete with other players on different league levels and win pool prize chips and gems! Top three players are also listed on the leaderboards at the end of each week.

My League:

  • Includes 10 tiers with upward pool chips;
  • Win up to 50000 chips and 200 gems;
  • You are placed in the tier matching your XP;
  • Complete you level and earn XP;
  • Win bigger prizes by leveling up;
  • Be in top three to earn a prize.

Friends' League:

  • Win up till 750 pool chips;
  • Ranking is based on your XP;
  • Invite Facebook friends to play;
  • Number of opponents you win makes up your result.

Country League:

  • Get social and play with people near you;
  • Win up till 400 pool gems;
  • Be placed in tournaments based on your rankings.

World League:

  • Play with people around the world;
  • Compete for 1500 gems pool prize;
  • Compete with players based on your current ranking.